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Valutare le scuole per migliorare
Per valutare le scuole l’INVALSI ha messo a punto un progetto sperimentale caratterizzato da tre punti qualificanti: un quadro di riferimento teorico (che individua indicatori di contesto, input, processo e risultato), procedure e strumenti di rilevazione, figure.
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Classroom Management First Technology Second
The message, then, for all teachers but especially newcomers is simple: of course you should use technology to help maximize student engagement and learning. But you must also use classroom management practices that allow students to benefit most from that technology.
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Behavior Management and Classroom Management
"The reality of education is that people learn from people they love," says New York Times columnist David Brooks in a recent National Public Radio interview discussing his new book, The Social Animal. "We've spent all this time with big schools, small schools," Brooks later says. "But what really matters is how good people are at relating to one another."
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The Next Decade of Educational Data
Type the misspelled word "educaton" into Google. The search engine instantly anticipates that you really meant to search for “education” and redirects you accordingly. In fact, it is almost entirely as a by-product of this data created by billions of mistyped searches that Google has created what may be the world's best spell-checker.
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The great schools revolution
FROM Toronto to Wroclaw, London to Rome, pupils and teachers have been returning to the classroom after their summer break. But this September schools themselves are caught up in a global battle of ideas. In many countries education is at the forefront of political debate, and reformers desperate to improve their national performance are drawing examples of good practice from all over the world.
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LIM e Contenuti Didattici Digitali
Una raccolta di Contributi Digitali prelevati dalla rete.
Gli argomenti trattati riguardano la Lavagna Interattiva Multimediale, i Contenuti Didattici Digitali, gli Oggetti Didattici Digitali, il Web2.0, la Fotografia, il Video, il Podcast, la Comunicazione Multimediale, gli E-book
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Challenge-Based Learning Pushes the Envelope at Middle School
In Rick Olson’s challenge-based learning environment, you will not hear him reciting long lectures or handing out the usual homework to all the students in his room. Instead, Olson serves a guide for his eighth-grade students, who work independently on practical, community-oriented projects they are responsible for brainstorming and executing.
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Tech Drive By
Help teacher to integrate technology in the classroom.
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Finding a Voice Through Twitter
Many were familiar with Twitter and some use it on a daily basis, but never for school. As in most instances, there’s a major disconnect between the role of social media in their lives outside school — where they use Twitter and Facebook to chat with friends, and update their status — and what happens at Burton. This class also demonstrates what recent studies have shown: that a large majority of kids have cell phones, even if they come from low-income families. In these two classes, 90% of students had cell phones, and 63% qualify for free or reduced lunch.
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A project-based learning endeavor that made a difference
Indiana science teacher Michael Baer began a project-based lesson with a group of high-school students in 2009 that grew to unite the entire K-12 school district, plus the local community, to find a way to provide clean drinking water to residents of Haiti. In the end, a small group of students and teachers traveled to Haiti to implement their solutions and help install new purification devices
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