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End the Tyranny of the Self-Contained Classroom
Conventional and unquestioned assumptions about schools, teachers, and classrooms limit educational reform and prevent educational transformation. Bill Gates, one of the leading visionaries of our time, has committed himself and his foundation to improving teaching. Yet, Gates' proposals for change range from suggestions that would result in marginal improvement to recommendations that would actually reinforce the status quo
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Good to great classrooms do
What exactly is it that "excellent" primary school teachers do that makes their practice different from "good" primary teachers? Well we have some interesting answers from researchers at University of London's Institute of Education.
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Behavior Management and Classroom Management
"The reality of education is that people learn from people they love," says New York Times columnist David Brooks in a recent National Public Radio interview discussing his new book, The Social Animal. "We've spent all this time with big schools, small schools," Brooks later says. "But what really matters is how good people are at relating to one another."
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What Makes Good Teachers Good?
This study examined classroom practices of effective versus less effective teachers (based on student achievement gain scores in reading and mathematics). In Phase I of the study, hierarchical linear modeling was used to assess the teacher effectiveness of 307 fifth-grade teachers in terms of student learning gains. In Phase II, 32 teachers (17 top quartile and 15 bottom quartile) participated in an in-depth cross-case analysis of their instructional and classroom management practices. Classroom observation findings (Phase II) were compared with teacher effectiveness data (Phase I) to determine the impact of selected teacher behaviors on the teachers’ overall effectiveness drawn from a single year of value-added data.
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PDK - Phi Delta Kappa
La PHI DELTA KAPPA è una delle più antiche e importanti associazioni internazionali. Formata da docenti, dirigenti scolastici, responsabili amministrativi, alti dirigenti delle organizzazioni scolastiche, per più di 100 anni ha concentrato i suoi lavori sui temi della leadership, della ricerca educativa, e della qualità del servizio scolastico. Al suo interno conta più di 35.000 associati. Pubblica una delle riviste più importanti di settore – il Phi Delta Kappan – considerata da molti un punto di riferimento in tema di politiche educative. La PDK sostiene gli studenti universitari in percorsi di carriera nelle professioni educative, offrendo materiale di studio specifico, opportunità, convegni, seminari, eventi in tutto il mondo. La missione dell’associazione è fare dell’educazione e della scuola pubblica una “pietra angolare” della democrazia e della convivenza. La sua visione è di essere un luogo di formazione per gli insegnanti di domani il cui compito è garantire ai giovani cittadini alti standard di servizio educativo.
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Learning while working: how skills development can be supported through workplace learning
The more highly qualified people are, the more likely they are to participate in learning activities. However, people also tend do less lifelong learning as they grow older, irrespective of their qualification levels. This is especially true in countries where overall participation in lifelong learning is low. This general pattern emerges from various surveys, even though the Continuing training and Adult education surveys suggest that participation is higher than the lifelong learning indicator shows (1). Older low qualified workers are especially difficult to reach, even though they need lifelong learning most. Almost 60 % of Europe’s 74 million low-qualified citizens are over 45 years old. This is a matter of concern, as most of the 2020 workforce is already on the labour market and qualification demands are rising even in elementary occupations.
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Challenge-Based Learning Pushes the Envelope at Middle School
In Rick Olson’s challenge-based learning environment, you will not hear him reciting long lectures or handing out the usual homework to all the students in his room. Instead, Olson serves a guide for his eighth-grade students, who work independently on practical, community-oriented projects they are responsible for brainstorming and executing.
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New iPad app for digital textbooks
As Apple Inc. poises to reinvent the textbook market — as it did with the personal computer, music and telecommunications industries — the Clark County School District is looking within its own ranks of digitally pioneering schools to navigate the new classrooms of the 21st century.
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How Facebook Use Correlates With Student Outcomes
How students use Facebook is a greater predictor of their offline behavior than the amount of time they spend on the website, says social media researcher Reynol Junco. In this interview, he describes his recent research, which reports that students who spend more time on Facebook are less engaged, indicates no correlation between time spent on Facebook and time spent studying, and indicates the more time students are engaged on Facebook, the more time they participate in on-campus events.
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Classroom Management First Technology Second
The message, then, for all teachers but especially newcomers is simple: of course you should use technology to help maximize student engagement and learning. But you must also use classroom management practices that allow students to benefit most from that technology.
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